Garage Wine -- Like Jail Wine But Trendy?

August 23, 2016

The only question on my mind after reading about such a ridiculous trend in wine manufacturing is, ‘Could I really manufacture wine in my garage?’ A casual google search offers a highly conclusive answer, ‘maybe.’ Apparently, storing wine in your garage is now possible. But, I found no resources suggesting manufacturing wine in your garage was actually feasible.

There’s a change going on a wine manufacturing that’s shaken the foundations of France’s wine product. And it started with a modest group of people with the flattering name, translated to english, ‘garage producers,’ Although none of them really do produce wine in a garage.

In the early 80’s, word started to spread that an astonishingly great wine had been made created from a miniature winery only down the road and with the 1981 vintage Le Pin started to take on fad status.

Small french wine manufacturers loathe the title, ‘garage producer.’ These families take tremendous pride in their work and resent the use of such a banal term to describe the fruit - haha - of their labors! Their formula is straightforward and the classic formula for success: small amounts of the finest grapes; intense choice; keeping just the finest grapes from a harvest; new oak barrels every year; and hands on attention through bottling.

Many more will definitely inspire. Some will be inferior replicas, but others will be great wines in this same fashion that is modern. They should come as no real surprise. Bordeaux continues to be coming around like an excellent boat in the middle for years, of a seaport.

It’s a tendency that’s been going on for some time. The garage wines have just made it more eye-catching. Does it signify some globalization a McDonald’s, of taste - ? Perhaps. It could also indicate a brand new generation of wine drinkers in new styles of wine and Europe who’ll join Americans in finding new wines.

Simply said, the garage producers make wines that are extremely great in extremely modest amounts and offer them for costs that are extremely high. And now the entire wine world are they overhyped prizes for the moneyed collector, or are these fantastic modern wines made by individuals willing to break the mould?

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